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what is ogle

What is Ogle?

Ogle is a mobile augmented reality and context aware advertising app that enables brands to integrate engaging and meaningful digital experiences into print, packaging and the real world.

  • products Brands
  • publications Publishers
  • retailers Retailers

Ogle connects customers and shoppers to the world’s biggest brands via augmented reality, location and proximity awareness through their mobile or tablet devices. These rich and interactive connections are made with brands most valuable real world assets - their products, publications, advertising and retail spaces.

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Designed from the ground up as a curated and quality controlled platform, the Ogle content team work with you and your brand to advise, build and deliver campaigns that maximise the potential of this magical medium.
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Build meaningful connections

By combining various sensors in mobile devices and triggers in the real world, Ogle delivers useful and engaging digital experiences giving brands huge creative potential to enhance how they connect with customers.
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What is augmented reality?

Put simply, augmented reality (AR) is the term used to describe an enhanced view of real life by overlaying digital content.
This computer-generated ‘virtual content’ can be almost anything - video, games, 3D models, dynamic web content - and it can be triggered by an image, a location or a combination of the two.

Ogle’s rich feature set uniquely utilises and combines many technologies, sensors and triggers to deliver unlimited creative potential for brands and inspiring AR experiences for consumers.

Image tracking

Capable of recognising and tracking any image to bring content to life.

Face tracking

Track and display content on or around a face, take a photo and share with your social networks.

Object & edge

Recognise and track 3D objects such as products and buildings.

Instant tracking

For tracking when there is no pre-defined marker image; can track to any image.

Environment tracking

Tracking on a larger scale, for instance a room or a building.

QR & Barcode

Recognises both UPC and EMA industry standard barcodes. Great for retail applications.

location awareness

What is location awareness?

Imagine being able to deliver targeted messages to your audience based on their location. With Ogle you can.

With 3 complementary location aware technologies, Ogle enables brands to create highly targeted augmented reality advertising campaigns that enable brands, publishers and retailers to connect with customers using context relevant and timely content.

Combined with interest sensing, Ogle has the power to create awesome brand connections and new types of customer engagement, sales and brand loyalty.

geo-hotspots Geo-hotspots
View, browse and filter hotspots based on your GPS location.
beacons Geofence
Track arrival, departure and dwell times from app defined locations.
beacons Proximity
Micro-location awareness complements geofencing.

What are the possibilities?

Users can find points of interest around them based on their location and Ogle can also trigger augmented reality experiences when users arrive or depart at pre-defined locations.

Ogle’s location aware features add a rich layer of opportunities to enable brands to connect with their audiences. This includes:
  • in-store: delivering personalised offers via push notifications
  • concerts or sporting events: welcome fans with exclusive event content as they arrive at venues
  • transport hubs: help busy travellers get useful and location-relevant information as they make their way through an airport or train station
  • museum and heritage: create an interactive experience when moving from exhibit to exhibit by using digital content to enhance the real world experience

What are the benefits of
augmented reality advertising?

For the first time ever technology is enabling brands to connect with consumers in new ways, paving the way for innovation.
Ogle connects consumers to products, publications or brand environment via useful and engaging AR experiences for the world’s biggest brands.

Amplify advertising campaigns

Extend printed advertising campaigns with exclusive shareable content

Build a powerful mobile strategy

Use AR and exclusive content to make new mobile connections

Visualise and demonstrate

Visualise and interact with real products and objects in the real world

Measure and analyse campaigns

Analyse and track engagment to see what works; impossible with your current printed collateral

Conect off-line & on-line worlds

Bring to life exclusive digital content via real world triggers such as images or your location

Increase consumer engagement

Increased dwell times compared to other forms of digital advertising

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Who is using Ogle?

Many of the world’s biggest and most successful consumer brands have already benefitted from enhanced advertising campaigns using Ogle.